1. Hahahaha mailman! My first born was blond & blue eyed too and his father & I both have dark hair and brown eyes. Luckily, he looked just like his cousins on his fa;t1r&#82e7hs side – and nothing like the mailman!

  1. 那个漫漫看网站的漫画怎么下不了? 下不了就从下载目录里去除吧

  2. 你好,ios端更新以后打开软件的速度奇慢,一直在黑屏转圈圈,看漫画时改变重力方向也有黑屏现象,只能关掉重启,然后又是漫长的等待……很喜欢这款软件,希望能在新版本中修复


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