Array.indexOf in Internet Explorer

According to this document at Mozilla Developer Center, Javascript 1.5 has been implemented in a browser since at least the first releases of Mozilla as open source browser, which means, in other words, since around 1998. Let's assume it was 2002 which is marked as the release of the 1.0 version.
And I was doing some interface programming lately and I needed to check if an element was in an array. Went to Gecko's documentation (that's the one I normally use, since it's less overbloated with crappy ads) and checked that Array objects had an indexOf function. Cool! I used that function on my code. Then once I finished with all the development, went to The Horror (i.e. Internet Explorer) and tested it.
Surprise! It was broken! What had I done? (You know the debugger for Internet Explorer is not specially helpful)
I suspected of the indexOf function, and recalled vague memories about doing a custom search function in the past for looking into arrays and not having to write a for(i=0; i<ar.length;i++) thing each time…
Mmmm… did a alert('Array.indexO') in ie and what did I get?: undefined
So they have been spent five years for releasing ie7 and still they didn't implement Array.indexOf!
No worries, though. Javascript is flexible! Look, IE, I don't care if you choke on the mere seeing of indexOf, you're going to run it whether you like it or not!

and voila! my script wasn't broken anymore!

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